Breaking Boundaries at Castiglione dei Pepoli

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New exciting exhibition coming up!

The nomadic exhibition series “Breaking Boundaries” finds its third space at the old theater at Castiglione dei Pepoli. A beautiful venue that hosts a special exhibition set-up à la Dogville.

9th – 30th of April
at Officina15
Castiglione dei Pepoli, close to wonderful Bologna

Curated by Federica Fiumelli and Simone Miccichè

and The Artist and the Others

Exhibition “The Creative Room” at A.TOPOS Venice

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So enthusiastic about the upcoming exhibition “See you, Tomorrow” at A.TOPOS in Venice.

27.09. – 9.10.2021
Opening 27.09.2021, 18-21h

I will open the exhibition with a “Planting Performance” on the 27.09.
also watch my video “Sleeping Seeds”

Big thank you to the curatorial team Fernanda Andrade and Lucia Trevisan.


See you, Tomorrow and Camera Oscura.

a.topos Venice, for this third and last encounter of the first edition of the open call THE
CREATIVE ROOM, brings together the exhibitions “See you, Tomorrow” and “Camera Oscura”.
The artists involved are: Mario Afonso, Nikolaos Akritidis, Elodie Barattucci, Laura
Binaghi, Cecilia Brugnoli, Arthur Cadre, Calembour, Savina Capeci, Melanie Cravero,
Aurora Destro, Damiano Fasso, Aldana Ferreyra, Francesco Fossati, Alexandra
Freye, Sara Fruner, Anne Solange Gaulier, Noel Hensey, Michalina W. Klasik,
Alessandro di Leo, Fabrizio Narcisi, Hermano Noronha, Paolo Panzacchi, Samantha
Passaniti, Alina Petre, Jake Scharbach, Alessandro Secondin, Mattia Sugamiele, Ana
Luiza Torres, Janina Totzauer, Pengpeng Wang, Anne-Lise Weinberger, Beatrice
Zagato, Jagoda Zwiernik.
See you, tomorrow unfolds a curatorial narrative in which Art is used as an activism tool to
address major issues highlighted by the pandemic, such as the environmental crisis,
domestic abuse and consumerism. Based on different media, the selected artworks are
powerful responses to social, political and economical problems, advocating on the
possibility – and urgency – of a better tomorrow, as well as inviting visitors to individually take
action in disclosing and preventing the exposed matters.
Camera Oscura gathers artists that capture how themselves or others were coping with
isolation and restrictions through the lens of a camera. The focus on photography does not
imply a flat, monocorde tone though. On the contrary, it is a revealing set of plural
approaches, interests, points of views and interpretations. The quick register allowed by the
camera is trespassed by multiple subjectivities that overcome any attempt of mimetic
gestures and the fallacy of neutrality.

Exhibition organized and curated by a.topos Venice
For more information, please contact


Catalogue : A Speck of Dust

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On the occasion of the exhibition DEBUTANT*INNEN 2021, I am delighted to be able to present my first artist’s catalogue “A Speck of Dust – A book about a speck of dust called Earth” with my work from the last five years. I look back sentimentally at how much work, reflection on my own artistic approach and emotion went into this book.

It is available at “icon publishing house” Hubert Kretschmer.

At this point, I would like to thank Rosanna Marie Pondorf in particular for curating the catalogue and for her mental support.

I would like to thank Veronika Christina Dräxler for the stimulating on-point interview, which isn’t afraid of uneasy topics and which you can find in the middle section of the catalogue.

Big thanks to Magdalena Jooss for her brilliant photographic skills.

Thanks to Matthew Bremner for gruelling hours of translation into English with a collapsing laptop.

Thank you Hubert Kretschmer and icon Verlag Munich for your trust.

Thank you Matthieu Chladekfor support and networking.

And last but not least, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the lfa Förderbank, the BBK Munich and Upper Bavaria, the Steiner Foundation and the Munich Department of Culture, all of whom provide constant support and encouragement.

152 pages
Colour print in sealed envelope
In German and English
250 originals with different coloured seals
ISBN 978-3-946803-90-4
QR codes to all video works
Munich 2021

Cinema Galleggiante

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I am incredibly excited to be part of a beautiful film festival
in the eternal city of Venice this hot summer.
My video “How to Escape” will open this year’s special Cinema Galleggiante
in the Giudecca lagoon.
Come to Venice, book a boat and enjoy a balmy summer evening with me!

20 August 2021, 6pm
Laguna Guidecca

More info and programme with many great artists here:

Foto: Kinonauts

Breaking Boundaries

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I proud to be a part of this international art project that goes across borders.
Starting in Turkey this year, my art work will go on a journey through the Netherlands, Italy and finally reaching Germany in a year time.

I am excited that I will get to know so many new people and places.

Help getting this project together! By reaching 1/3 of the money through crowd funding, we will get an immense financial push from the cultural department of the Netherlands.

Help us start this project. It will be a key player for the upcoming years.


Instagram: @breakingboundariesartproject