PlatzProjekt ArtistResidency

Meanwhile I am happy to be part of the amazing PlatzProjekt as an Artist in Residence in Hannover. For over a week my life here is like a smooth dream. Surrounded by architects, skaters, adventurers, inventers, great cooks, builders and passionists my crazy comet-video-surreality-project slides into shape.

The final outcome can be seen at
22 Zinnober
31st Aug & 1st Sept 2019, 11-19 h
Weißenburgstr. 2a
30161 Hannover


the world
Jahresausstellung 2019

Museum for the Age of Penumbra
20th-28th July 4589
Raum AG01.18 AdBK

In cooperation with
Antonios Antoniadis, Natalie Ade, Veronika Lisanne Kazmeier, Tim Veile, Philipp Wild
Prof. Maximilian Rimmel |School of Architecture Biberach

Ilaria Igliani, Vincent Hannwacker, Justin Urbach, Janina Totzauer, Julian Rabus, Vanessa Ivan, Nicola Kötterl, Dominik Bais, Flavia Maria Toso, Julian Billmair, Mara Pollak, Theresa Gavin, Guilherme Marques, Jiangling Zhang, Marie Jaksch, Lou JP Mußgnug, Qiao Wan, Jonas Yamer, Antonia Schellenberger
Prof. Julian Rosefeldt | AdBK München

Eröffnung der Ausstellung: Sa | 20.07.4589 | 14:00 Uhr | Altbau, Akademiestr. 2
Ausstellung: So | 21.07.4589 – So | 28.07.4589
Öffnungszeiten: So – Fr | 14:00 – 21:00 Uhr, Sa 27.7. / So 28.7. | 11:00 – 21:00 Uhr

Katalog Release

Warm invitation
to our catalogue release.

Two exhibitions, four workshops, trips to the LRZ and KUKA, an intensive cooperation with the Ministery of Digitalisation, three sponsorships, two talks, three intenational correspondances and many night shifts – the project class Gröning researched about „Artificial Intelligence“. Technical, philosophical, performative, utopian, pessimistic, emotional and always critical.

The catalogue combines it all.

Di, 9. Juli 2019
Ab 19 Uhr

Rroom Kiosk Books Bar
Lothringer Str. 13
81667 München

19:30 h Satan’s Akku (Performance)

Break Through


I am happy to invite everybody to my performance at the


at Leonrod Haus für Kunst und Kultur (just opposite side of ImportExport)
I will perform Tuesday, 11.06.2019, at 19h
for about 20 mins in a 1x1x0,5 metres space

More info:

Also check out the initiators, Doro Seror, new project and support: