Breaking Boundaries

the world

I proud to be a part of this international art project that goes across borders.
Starting in Turkey this year, my art work will go on a journey through the Netherlands, Italy and finally reaching Germany in a year time.

I am excited that I will get to know so many new people and places.

Help getting this project together! By reaching 1/3 of the money through crowd funding, we will get an immense financial push from the cultural department of the Netherlands.

Help us start this project. It will be a key player for the upcoming years.


Instagram: @breakingboundariesartproject

Lost Weekend exhibition


I am happy to invite you to my current exhibition which is part of the “Lost Weekend” meets Yound Art series at the Café Lost Weekend at Schelling Str. 3 in Munich.

Exhibition with the lovely Magdalena Jooss and Witalij Frese
19. April – 15. May
24/7 always approachable from the outside!