PlatzProjekt ArtistResidency

Meanwhile I am happy to be part of the amazing PlatzProjekt as an Artist in Residence in Hannover. For over a week my life here is like a smooth dream. Surrounded by architects, skaters, adventurers, inventers, great cooks, builders and passionists my crazy comet-video-surreality-project slides into shape.

The final outcome can be seen at
22 Zinnober
31st Aug & 1st Sept 2019, 11-19 h
Weißenburgstr. 2a
30161 Hannover


jetzt, munich

The yearly exhibition at the Art Academy in Munich is calling. As I am doing my diploma, it will be the last time I am part of it.
Observe our hilariously great performances and videos in the endless whites of our laboratory!

Class Prof. Rosefeldt/vom Bruch
14th – 22nd of July 2018
Daily 14-21h
Room A01.18
Exact timetable in lab.


The horsehair is drying

jetzt, the world

Es lebten einmal zwei Ameisen
die wollten nach Australien reisen.
Doch bei Altona auf der Chaussee
da taten ihnen die Füße weh.
So verzicheten die beiden weise
auf den letzten Teil der Reise.

Altona, I am on my way.