As everyone knows, the KloHäuschen has been hosting its own Biennale since 2012: an international exhibition of contemporary art. Every 2 years. Always in the even years. So far, always when venerable biennials such as Venice, Istanbul or Lyon were not in session. But now, in 2022, many of the colleagues – above all the great Venice Biennale – have suddenly changed their rhythm.
The KloHäuschen is sure: the reason can only be that they finally want to take place
in the same year as the KloHäuschen Biennale!

10 June 2022 . 19h

12 June 2022 . 12h

Opening speech by Ralf Homann
Specials by Athor & Schmidt and Thomas Glatz
Art education with Olaf Probst
Tues. 21 + Tues. 28 June + Fri. 1 July . both at 7 pm
Presentation of the 2nd part of the catalogue & party
Fri. 24 June 2022 . 7 pm

All further dates at Biennale-Infopoint

Thalkirchner Straße / corner Oberländerstraße
81371 Munich

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