Debutant*innen Exhibition



07 September 2021 – 02 October 2021

With the initiative “DEBUTANTINNEN des BBK München und Oberbayern” (Debutants of the BBK Munich and Upper Bavaria), the Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen München und Oberbayern e. V. (Professional Association of Visual Artists Munich and Upper Bavaria) has been promoting outstandingly talented young artists in Bavaria since 1982. (BBK) has been promoting outstandingly talented young artists in Bavaria since 1982. Every year, the exhibition offers three artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in the GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER*INNEN and thus celebrate their professional debut at a central exhibition venue for contemporary art in Munich.

In addition, the Bavarian State and the LfA Förderbank Bayern support the series of young artists by financing a monograph, which enables the exhibitors to use the printed work as a means of artistic expression in addition to the exhibition format. The monograph offers the artists a platform to present their own artistic practice on a national level. The publication of Hyesun Jung, Sophia Mainka and Janina Totzauer – published by the BBK Munich and Upper Bavaria – will take place during the exhibition opening.

Hyesun Jung

Sophia Mainka

Janina Totzauer


07.09.2021 / 13 – 19 h / Free admission.

Welcome & Introduction: 6 pm / Felix Burger (BBK Muc & Obb)


07.09.2021 / 6pm @galeriederkuenstler


“Human Nesting” by Janina Totzauer & performers:

07.09.2021 / 4 – 7 pm

24.09.2021 / 6 – 9 pm

25 & 26.09.2021 / 3 – 6 pm


24.09.2021 / 18 – 21 h / free admission

25 & 26.09.2021 / 11 – 18 h / free admission

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